How do I start a Career in Orthodontics?

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A Career in Orthodontics has always intrigued me. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to find information about What Orthodontics actually is. Most pages on the internet just talk about How to get into Orthodontics. In my quest to learn more about aCareer in Orthodontics, I found this amazing page:

Dr. Srishti Bhatia's outlook!Dr. Srishti Bhatia is an experienced professional with 5 years in Orthodontics. Dr. Srishti Bhatia has worked in Orthodontics as Associate Director & Orthodontist in Bhatia Dentopulse. In Dr. Srishti Bhatia's own words, this is how Dr. Srishti Bhatia got into Orthodontics:"I did my BDS from SGT Dental College, Gurgaon. After that I did internship at Maulana Azad Dental College, Delhi and then did my MDS in Orthodontics from Sudha Rastogi College of Dental Sciences, Faridabad. I have experience of more than five years. I am an Associate Director &…

How do I start a Career in Plastic Surgery?

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There are many nuances of a Career in Plastic Surgery. I want to first understand What a Career in Plastic Surgery entails before I invest time and effort to figure out How to start a Career in Plastic Surgery. My research about aCareer in Plastic Surgerybecame a lot more meaningful when I found:

Dr Yogi Aeron's point of view!With 47 years & 4 months of professional experience, Dr Yogi Aeron understands Plastic Surgery. Dr Yogi Aeron has worked in Plastic Surgery as Director in Outreach Centre of Resurge Int. In Dr Yogi Aeron's own words, this is how Dr Yogi Aeron got into Plastic Surgery:"After completing my specialization in plastic surgery, I started working as a Plastic Surgeon. I have been working since 1967, treating various patients for burns and other problems. I am currently the director of the outreach centre of Resurge International as we…